CAD Trailer Designs (CAD TD) started as an idea between the founder, Russell Davis and his father ten years ago while down in Fort Myers Florida with a trailer dilemma: “How to store a custom motorcycle and a trailer in limited garage space”. Many urban and suburban communities do not allow trailers to be stored outside in residential zoned areas. Through many fabricating efforts, Russ achieved a multi-patented trailer that folds 3 times for easy storage and has a patented axle that allows the trailer to drop to ground level allowing wheeled vehicles easy loading.

Andrew Cannon and Joe McKeever having been corporate executives for years in the utility trailer industry realized the importance of these innovations. A couple of years later, Russ invited them to join CAD TD and presently are excited in supporting the newly launching operations through crowd funding with


 CAD TD’s vision is to produce unique trailer products for people on the go with products that are ‘right sized’ to their lifestyle, both nationally and internationally. Transportation needs have a similar base need of utility, durability and compact storage. CAD TD determines to be this company in various trailer models!